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My boyfriend is a nerd.
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No need for hidden meaning,
and no need for something deep,
I just need to have you here,
when the sun lies down to sleep.
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Good morning. #vscocam #sunshine #raysfordays #hopefully

Typewriter Series #756 by Tyler Knott Gregson
Text for Tired Eyes:
I want fireworks from mountaintops and lightning from windowsills.  I want lazy board games where rules forget to matter and I want shouting matches over important things.  I want a passion that burns through us and sets the sheets on fire.  I want to wake up covered in soot from the night before.  I want a hand to catch my head when my eyes fill up with water, and I want fingers to find my shoulders when the weight of a lifetime feels too heavy from time to time.  I want to be the tireless palms that rub the aches from your flesh and the kiss on the forehead after you fall asleep from it.  I want the steering wheel cold in my hands on the start of a morning road trip far from here and I want to be the sound of your legs stretching when we stop for gas.  I want the photos of every sign at the border of every state and I want my fingers slightly stained with the stamps from every visa in our passports.  I want the odor of strange food that snakes its way down long streets and the sound of boots on cobblestone and clay.
Part Two.

I’ve learned to see this world in both light and darkness.
I know the contrast of these two things.
There is beauty all around,
you just have to look for it.
But if you’re like me,
you don’t know how,
you’ve never learned.
You can’t pick out the good in a situation.
You see, my mind doesn’t automatically
pick out the positive things.
My mind is cosmically
disoriented, disorderly
convicted, beautifully
tragic, but
that doesn’t mean I’m not trying.
Each day I have to tell myself that life is beautiful,
go out and search for it.
because if even one day I don’t,
my mind will tell me that life doesn’t fit
for people like me.
I’ve started to see that life can be beautiful.
I will start training my mind
to adapt this new mindset,
because I refuse to let this be a dictatorship.

- s.m.m. — i will not be controlled  (via to-whom-it-may-concern-feels)

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My Life in 3 Looks: The Style Heroine
Photo Credit: Jordan Makarof
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So James Blake already leaked Jamie xx’s new track “Girl.” But just in case you missed his BBC Radio 1 residency DJ set, here’s the official version of The xx frontman’s solo tune (via Listen: Jamie xx- “Girl” | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)

Siiiick track